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Welcome to Larrys Radio Art Page

I hope you will enjoy this page as much as I have making it .I plan on adding more art work to it in the future, and I hope you will find it useful in the design of your web pages . If you have a favorite Radio related clipart site feel free to add them to the GearWorks Link Gear on the Link page. Also if you do use some of my art in your page please send me your sites Url so I can see it E-mail.The animated banners are generated on Gifworks and Cooltext online animated graphics sites. Try these sites If you would like to generate your own "there free". Or try searching below with the HOT BOT search engine for more. Try keywords "online graphics generator". Throughout the site I have placed some humorous buttons. Please click on these and before you leave return to this page to collect your Certificate below (or you may use the links below). All my Graphics on this site have been checked for efficiency on Gifworks or at GIFBot by NETMechanic. Need to edit your jpegs than try Jpeg Wizard. You don't have a web-page? Then sign up for one today for free at Tripod. Need some help designing your page try a fantastic online resource for web page building. Check for html errors at html checker. I have noticed that many Amateur Radio sites take along time to download .Try the tools mentioned above and you may be surprised at the difference. Web-rings are a great way to get traffic to your page. I have compiled a list of Amateur Radio web-rings. It is a long list and I don't have the time to check them all, so if you find any errors or broken links , or if you know of any other rings let me know. Another way to promote your site is to list it with Hamfind a search engine dedicated to Amateur Radio.
Click Here to see how not to call CQ ""Susie Q"(MIDI).
Click Here to see Ooops you blew it "Smoke gets in yourEyes"(MIDI).
Click Here for Real Radio's Glow "Memories" (MIDI).

Click Here to see keypad handheld demo page.

73 Larry VE7LGT



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